Monday, 1 December 2014

Birmingham Rose by Annie Murray

As a Brummie born and bred, there was an obvious attraction for me in the title of this book but once started, Annie Murray's wonderful and powerful novel needed no strings to keep me attached. I just had to keep reading.

Opening in 1931, when Rose is just nine years old, it tells the story of a bright girl from a large family who dreams of breaking out of poverty-driven squallor and making something of herself. As the years roll on, we watch Rose and her family deal in their own ways with everything life throws at them.

Rose's war takes her to Italy where her love of children leads to her involvement with a secret refuge in the back streets of Naples and a mysterious, driven doctor.

Spanning twenty-seven years and taking Rose through love, loss, poverty, despair and happiness (although not necessarily in that order), this is an enthralling read and one I would highly recommend.

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